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Serious about tuning? Then you should want an ARMA Speed carbon air intake!

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4 years ago on 14-06-2020 09:54:38

Below we give you those reasons why every serious tuner should want to have an ARMA Speed carbon cold air intake in their car.

1. Carbon cold air intakes are gorgeous

The air filter itself is of course not made of carbon, but the visible filter housing itself is. Compared to an OEM air intake, an ARMA Speed cold air intake is really a feast for the eyes. Whether you choose carbon gloss or mat carbon, you will get a smile on your face as soon as you open the bonnet of your car! Like this BMW M2 F87:


Want to know more about our design process? Read more here:

2. Carbon cold air intake vs. open air filter

The standard air intake system of your car is far from optimal to pump cool air into the engine. A cold air intake is a complete set and contains: air filter, hose clamps, bolts and screws and an airbox. The input a carbon airbox ensures that the wind is sent directly to the filter. With an open air filter there is no airbox and therefore less oxygen to your engine.

3. A cold air intake gives more power

Besides the fact that a carbon air intake looks great when you look under the bonnet, you also see an increase in power of your car. How much power is added varies per brand and type, but an increase of 5% is certainly not uncommon. Wondering if there is a carbon cold air intake available for your car? Check it out here:

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