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Upgrade your Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI to beast mode with an ARMA Speed Cold Air Intake

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3 years ago on 14-06-2020 12:23:16

First things first, replacing your air intake with a carbon cold air intake is one of the best adjustments you can do. The perfect place to gain some extra hp and make your 7 GTI sound out-of-this-world is by starting with your air intake. Why? Well, they’re one of the least expensive methods to increase your horsepower and easy to assemble.

How does a Carbon Cold air Intake work?

A cold air intake offers you the complete package of an air filter, hose clamps, bolts and screws and an airbox. The airbox makes sure that the air directly enters your filter through a metal inlet pipe. The metal inlet pipe ensures the filter of air that is as cold as possible. The key to its’ superpowers is in the cool air: the oxygen molecules are denser for cool air than for warmer air. The density of the oxygen leads to a more powerful combustion when mixed with fuel. Besides, the more air enters, the more fuel can be added. Wondering why we prefer cold air over an open air filter? Read our blog here.

A glimpse of the ARMA Speed carbon fiber cold airintake kit for VW Golf 7 GTI:

Experience beast mode with ARMA Speed

Swapping your factory air intake with the ARMA Speed Carbon Cold Air Intake means swapping a restrictive air intake. When your Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI leaves the factory, it is somewhat designed to be smooth and quiet. Removing the restrictive air intake adds up a few horsepower on its own, but also amplifies the performance of your VW Golf when installing an exhaust, an engine tuner or other add-ons. Where your factory air intake normally strangles your exhaust. Your new Cold Air intake won’t do so anymore! Since a cold air intake is a quick and easy modification, it is highly popular. Now you know how it works and why you should get one, it’s time to find out where you can find your local ARMA Speed Europe dealer.

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