Do Cold Air Intakes actually work?

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6 months ago on 01-07-2019 14:18:31

Armaspeed Europe Blog - Carbon cold air intake - Do Cold Air Intakes actually work?

Let’s start with yes! Upgrading your intake is the first thing you should be doing to increase the performance of your car. In a previous article, we gave you three reasons why every serious tuner would want a carbon cold air intake in their car. From that carbon gloss or mat, look to more horsepower. Cold Air Intakes are especially popular for the amount of horsepower it can add. So, let’s elaborate on in what ways a cold air intake increases the horsepower of your car.

1. Increase your speed and your HP

A Cold Air Filter can increase the performance of your car with up to 20 horsepower. It’s not for nothing that a cold air filter is one of the most popular adjustments for auto tuning. Due to the supply of cooler air to your engine, the response time and the performance of your gas valve will increase eminently. Besides, on top of the increase of your horsepower, a cold air filter can increase the responsiveness of your engine. Your vehicle will seem faster, since there is less restriction between the throttle and the accelerator.

2. More horsepower while being more fuel efficient

It might seem too good to be true. However, upgrading to a cold air filter does not only increase your horsepower, your car will be more fuel-efficient at the same time. By augmenting the volume and the density of the intake air mixture the efficiency of the combustion will be more efficient than before.

3. Amplifier for your BHP

On top of all that does a carbon air filter work like an amplifier for other add-ons. So, installing a cold air filter is one thing, but combining this with upgrading your exhaust, a tuner or other extra add-ons, will amplify the increase in horsepower. Swapping your factory air intake with an ARMA SPEED cold air intake will remove the restrictions of your performance. Where your factory air intake normally strangles your exhaust. Your new Cold Air intake won’t do so anymore. In fact, it will get you the most out of all your adjustments.

This video shows a BMW M5 F10 dyno run before and after installing an ARMASPEED carbon fiber cold air intake:

So, do Cold Air Intakes really work?

A Cold Air intake adds quite a few BHP, makes your car faster, more fuel efficient and amplifies the effect of your additional upgrades. Besides, it will give your vehicle a marvelous sound upgrade as well. Ready for an increase in horsepower, performance and free-flowing cold air to your engine? Upgrade your vehicle with an ARMA SPEED Cold Air Intake for the best results.


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